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Build-A-Booty Bundle (Personal Training in a bundle): This bundle includes every essential item needed to achieve a flat stomach and beautiful booty. With consistency and time, sculpt your desired abs and glutes. "We all weren't born with a big Azz. That doesn't mean we can't build a nice one"

o Price: $150
o Includes:
        § Equipment: pair of gliders, speed rope, cable ankle straps, Latex resistance band and booty band.
        § 15 Nutritional recipes 
        § Grocery List
        § 30 Ab sculpting and Booty building exercises 
o Things sold separate
        § Gliders: $10
        § Resistance and Latex band combo: $15
        § Speed Rope: $8
        § 15 Nutritional Meals/Grocery List Combo: $50
        § 30 Ab sculpting and Booty Building exercises: $75
        § Organic Stretch Mark and Sweat Balm. $15/stick
• Plain
• Peppermint 
• Lavender
• Made with organic materials and essential oils, decrease the appearance of Stretch marks, while 
increasing the amount of sweat produced during your workout. Can be applied to abdominal, glute, arm 
and leg regions. 
• Clothing/Apparel
        o Racetrack shirt: $25
        o High performance T-shirt: $30
        o Crop Hoodie: $45
        o Sports Bra: $25
        o Biker shorts: $35
        o Booty shorts $30
        o High waisted athletic pant: $40

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